Office Data Star 115 Fireproof Data Safe - 228 LTO Tapes

Data Safe with certified Fire Test for 60 Min and Burglary Test in Grade S2.

Double walls filled with heat-resistant materials. The door has an expanding seal to protect from Fire Gases and Water from fire extinguishers.

The Office Data Star fire resistant Data Safe is specially designed for securing data media such as LTO data tapes.

Shelves or pull-out drawers with a tray for organizing data tapes can be purchased separately.

Available in four different sizes with either Key Lock or Code Lock. Choose your lock type above the products table.

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Ir noliktavā
  • S2 ir otrā sertifikācijas klase. Šis seifs ir drošāks nekā S1.
  • Internal temp. lower than 50ºC during 60 min with external temp. above 1090ºC

Papildus informācija
Produkta nosaukumsOffice Data Star 115 Fireproof Data Safe - 228 LTO Tapes
ModelisOffice Data Star 115
Seifu sērijaFormat Office Data Star
Piegādes laiks1-2 nedēļas
Seifa veidsBrīvi stāvošs
Seifa pielietojumsDatiem
Svars (kg)244
Drošības sertifikātsS2
Drošības testa metodeEN 14450
Drošības testa centrsECB•S Vācija
Naudas reitingsS2
Ugunsdrošības ilgums60 Minūtes
Ugunsdrošības klasifikācijaEN 1047-1: S 60 DIS
Ugunsdrošības testa metodeNT-FIRE 017
Fire Test Link
Ugunsdrošības testa centrsECB•S Germany
Atslēgas komplektā2
Plaukti (Standarta)1 Kustināms plaukts
Drawers (standard)0 Drawers
Ietilpība - Litri118
Ietilpība - Dokumentu mapes7
Capacity Data - LTO tapesOffice Data Star - 115 - 228LTO
Augstums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)659
Platums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)630
Dzļums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)648
Dziļums ieskaitot slēdzeni / rokturi (mm)724
Augstums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)520
Platums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)492
Dzļums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)460
Durvju atvēršana - Augstums (mm)520
Durvju atvēršana - Platums (mm)492
Durvju atvēršana - leņķis180 grādi - Ārējās eņģes
Width - Door Open 180 Degrees1275
Depth - Door Open 90 degrees1271
Durvju bultskrūves4 bultskrūves
Durvju eņģu puseUz labo pusi
Durvju struktūra4-walled steel
Korpusa struktūraMulti-walled

Office Data Star (115 L) - 228 LTO Tapes - Fire and Burglary tested Data Safe in Grade S2 

The Office Data Star is a series of professional safes built to store and protect data media from burglary and fire.

The loss of electronic equipment or digital memory tools can represent severe damages for companies or businesses and generally involves legal consequences.

Office Data Star Safes can be a worry free solution for offices, businesses and companies to store digital supports sensitive to high temperatures such as CDs, DVDs, USB, tapes, hard drives or LTO tapes under safe conditions.

60 minutes Fire Proof Data Safe

Besides being certified by ECB-S in the security class S2 (European Standard EN 14450), this reliable safe has also been tested and certified as a fireproof safe resistant to fire and high temperatures for at least 60 minutes, fitting with the European norm NT FIRE 017.

After 60 minutes of exposure to 1090 ° C heat, the internal temperature will still be below 50°C and humidity will amount less than 85%.

This certification makes this safe able to stand for at least one hour at a temperature of over 1000 °C, keeping your company assets safe and sound. In this way, it is possible to dispose of the data when the fire has been extinguished.

Key Facts

The structure of the door is secured with heavy bolts (Ø 25 mm) on each side of the safe for extra security.

The hinges have been placed externally on the right side of the safe, offering a 180 ° opening of the door.

Office Data Star protect your data from fire gases and water from fire extinguishers.

The safe is delivered with anchoring material to fix to the floor.

Lock Options

This safe is delivered with a double bit Key Lock (145 mm) with 2 keys

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*Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

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