Wega 50-380 Wall Safe (62 L) - Burglary Test Grade I

Wega wall safes are Valuables Safes with a Burglary Testa in Grade I.

A Wega is the ideal choice if you want to keep your precious protected.

It features a solid three-walled access door that guarantees a strong barrier.

Manufactured and certified in Germany, it comes with key and code lock options.

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Papildus informācija
Produkta nosaukumsWega 50-380 Wall Safe (62 L) - Burglary Test Grade I
ModelisWega 50-380 - Nøglelås
Seifu sērijaFormat Wega
Piegādes laiksZvaniet, lai noskaidrotu
Seifa veidsSeifs stiprināms pie sienas
Seifa pielietojumsDokumentiem, Vērtslietām
Svars (kg)70
Drošības sertifikātsI Klase
Drošības testa metodeEN 1143-1
Drošības testa centrsVdS and ECB•S Germany
Naudas reitingsI Pretuzlaušanas klase
Ugunsdrošības ilgumsNav Ugunsdrošības izolācija
Atslēgas komplektā2
Plaukti (Standarta)2 Movable shelves
Ietilpība - Litri62
Ietilpība - Dokumentu mapes7
Augstums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)630
Platums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)490
Dzļums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)383
Dziļums ieskaitot slēdzeni / rokturi (mm)383
Augstums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)530
Platums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)403
Dzļums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)289
Durvju atvēršana - Augstums (mm)530
Durvju atvēršana - Platums (mm)343
Durvju atvēršana - leņķis90 Degrees - Internal hinges
Depth - Door Open 90 degrees788
Durvju bultskrūves4-sided bolts (Ø 25 mm)
Durvju eņģu puseUz labo pusi
Durvju struktūra3-walled steel (85 mm)
Body Thickness (mm)85
Skrūves komplektā1

Wega 50 - (62L) - Burglary Tested Wall Safe 

Wega offers a premium protection against burglary attempts. The series is suitable for the high security storage of cash, jewelry and documents.

Manufactured in Germany, this strongbox is focused on providing maximum protection for your valuables.

Certified in Grade I by VdS and ECB-S

The Wega is a wall safe certified against burglaries and intrusions in Grade I. The tests were carried out in Germany by ECB-S and VdS, according to the European Standards DIN EN 1143-1.

Key Facts

The walls are constructed in a way to withstand known methods of burglary attacks and includes a special barrier to resist tools like hammer, chisel, drill and
circular saw.

The front door has been reinforced with three high-quality steel layers for a total of 85 mm thickness. The door is guarded by Ø 25 mm bolts on each side.

Furthermore, to allow a hidden installation, the whole access door has been built with flushed components and internal hinges.

Lock Options

Wega safe is available in the following lock configurations:

  • High security 90 mm double-bit key lock. A second key is available upon request
  • LG39E code lock with 1 manager and 9 user codes

Configuration Options

Possibility to choose between Light grey (RAL 7035) and Graphite grey (RAL 7024)

Contact Us

If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

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