Dallas Gun Safe 14 Rifles - Grade I - Key Lock

Gun Safe 14 rifles with Burglary Protection in Grade 1. Certification by VdS in Germany.

Ideal for securing Rifles, Guns, Ammunition and other Hunting gear. Suitable for Private Homes, Gun Ranges, Police or Military.

Built to resist against burglary attacks including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and cutting equipment.

The door is secured with three-way movable bolts and drill resistant steel plates to protect the lock and bolt-work.

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Papildus informācija
Produkta nosaukumsDallas Gun Safe 14 Rifles - Grade I - Key Lock
ModelisDallas Gun Safe 14 Rifles - Key Lock
Seifu sērijaFormat Dallas
KrāsaGrafīta pelēka (RAL 7024) / Gaiši pelēka (RAL 7035)
Piegādes laiks1 nedēļa
Seifa veidsBrīvi stāvošs
Seifa pielietojumsIeročiem
Svars (kg)265
Drošības sertifikātsI Klase
Drošības testa metodeEN 1143-1
Drošības testa centrsECB•S Vācija
Naudas reitingsI Pretuzlaušanas klase
Ugunsdrošības ilgumsNav Ugunsdrošības izolācija
SlēdzeneMehāniskā slēdzene
Slēdzenes tipsDubultā fiksatora slēdzene
Atslēgas komplektā2
Ietilpība - Litri341
Capacity - Guns14 Rifles
Maximum weapon height (mm)1470
Ammunition boxRemovable ammunition box
Ammunition box height (mm)200
Augstums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)1550
Platums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)850
Dzļums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)420
Dziļums ieskaitot slēdzeni / rokturi (mm)496
Augstums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)1 470
Platums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)761
Dzļums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)305
Durvju atvēršana - Platums (mm)761
Durvju atvēršana - leņķis180 grādi - iekšējās eņģes
Durvju bultskrūves3-sided bolts (Ø 20 mm)
Durvju eņģu puseUz labo pusi
Durvju struktūraMulti-walled steel (95 mm)
Korpusa struktūra3-walled
BultskrūvesGrīda, Siena

SafeGear Gun Safe is ideal for long weapons such as rifles, and the corresponding ammunition and cases.

Designed for installation in private homes, hunting circles, police stations and military organizations.

Certified in Grade I according to European Standards

The SafeGear Weapon safe is certified in Germany in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1.

Key Facts

The walls are built to resist against known techniques of burglary attacks including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and cutting equipment.

The door is secured with a strong three-way movable bolt-work. The safe is equipped with drill resistant steel plates which protect the lock and bolt-work against drilling.

Thanks to the internal positioning of the hinges, the door can be opened to 180°, guaranteeing easy access to the contents. It can be bolted to the floor using the supplied mounting kit.

Lock Options

This SafeGear Weapon safe is available with a double bit key lock (120 mm), with two keys included.

Configuration Options

For a better organization of the interior and its contents, the SafeGear Gun safe can be divided into different sections by adding shelves. SafeGear Weapon 3 Kombi and 5 Kombi are provided with shelves for storing valuables.

Available in Gray Graphite (RAL 7024) And Light Gray (RAL 7035).

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