BT 4 Floor Cabinet (80 L) - Electronic Code Lock with 9 User Codes

The high-quality floor safes are manufactured in Germany and are suitable for securing values, documents, cash, jewelry and all other valuables.

A floor safe can be concealed optimally for prying eyes, and the installation can be easily planned in new buildings.

BT Floor safe Models 2 and 4 can also be used as deposit boxes, due to a round hole in the top of the cabinet where you can continuously drop money cylinders.

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Papildus informācija
Produkta nosaukumsBT 4 Floor Cabinet (80 L) - Electronic Code Lock with 9 User Codes
ModelisBT 4 - Elektronisk Kodelås
Seifu sērijaFormat BT
KrāsaGaiši pelēka (RAL 7035)
Piegādes laiksZvaniet, lai noskaidrotu
Seifa veidsSeifs stiprināms pie grīdas
Seifa pielietojumsDokumentiem, Vērtslietām
Svars (kg)73
Drošības sertifikātsBez klasifikācijas
Ugunsdrošības ilgumsNav Ugunsdrošības izolācija
SlēdzeneElektroniskā slēdzene
Slēdzenes tipsLG Combogard 39E 4300 / 3047
Baterija un avārijas atvēršana9 V, Baterijas ir iespējams nomainīt no ārpuses
Ietilpība - Litri80
Ietilpība - Dokumentu mapes7
Augstums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)525
Platums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)600
Dzļums - Ārējie izmēri (mm)430
Dziļums ieskaitot slēdzeni / rokturi (mm)430
Augstums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)330
Platums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)584
Dzļums - Iekšējie izmēri (mm)414
Durvju atvēršana - Augstums (mm)355
Durvju atvēršana - Platums (mm)330
Durvju atvēršana - leņķis90 Degrees - Internal hinges
Durvju struktūraDouble walled steel (80 mm)
Korpusa struktūraSingle-walled

BT 4 Floor Safe - Electronic Lock

The floor safes are manufactured in Germany of a high quality and are suitable for securing valuables, documents, cash, jewelry and similar goods.

A floor safe can be concealed optimally for prying eyes, and the installation can be easily planned in new buildings.

Floor safes models 2 and 4 can also be used as deposit boxes, due to a round hole in the top of the cupboard where you can continuously drop money cylinders.

The floor cabinets are easy to open, due to the hydraulic gas springs inside the cabinet.

Safe specifications

The door is an 80mm thick double door, and secured with a powerful four-way movable lattice with vertical latches.

The floor safes are provided with drill-resistant steel plates that protect the lock and the guard against drill attacks.

The walls are constructed with a high resistance to all known methods of attack including a special barrier to withstand hammer, chisel, drill and other cutting equipment.

The floor safe comes standard with a double combination key lock (9.5 cm). It is also possible to buy it with a user-friendly electronic code lock. Both lock types are EN 1300 approved in European standard.

The door can be opened 90 ° due to the internal hinges.

Floor safes should ideally be installed by a professional, under construction of the house.

Lock Options

This safe can be alternatively to the LG39 E Electronic Lock also be used with a key lock or a mechanical combination lock.

Klientu jautājumi
Safe locks: All you need to know

Find below the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding security, battery and other concerns of Safe Locks.

Safe Locks: Problems with closing or opening the safe?

It could have various reasons, why you are not able to close or open the safe, but most of the time the cause is quite simple to solve. 


After installation your lock needs to beep twice, which means that the code is installed correctly.

Stuck Doors

If your safe door is open it means that the lock is still not working, so you have to know the fact that the locking pins are forcing the lock into the manipulation protecting. The locking pins on the hinged side of the door are in contact with the body of the safe, which means that it is causing a force on the locking mechanism and the lock tongue.

The solution in this case, is to hold the power of the bolt, by pressing the handle immediately after entering the code in the closed position and then the latch is opened normally. It will work, when you remove the entire load from the tongue and try to raise the torque with a lever.

Battery and Emergency Power

In case if the battery runs out you have 2 emergency power buttons on the keypad, these are only for temporary use.

Safe Locks: The battery is empty and I can not open my safe. Is there somehow a way to open it?

You can use the emergency power to open your vault, even with an empty battery. To activate the emergency power, you need a 9V block battery, which you need to insert into the corresponding contacts on your input unit.

On the right side, next to the keypad of the lock, you can find two notches. These must be exposed with a knife or a spatula, because underneath are the contact points for the 9V block battery.

Now you can adapt the 9V block battery to the contacts. Note that the large negative pole is placed on the large contact and the small positive pole on the small contact.

The flowing emergency power from the battery allows you to put in the numerical code and thus opening the safe.

Allow the emergency power to flow until the vault is completely open. When you have done this you can replace the empty batteries with new ones as normal.


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